Public Outlines Wish List For New Laguna Beach PD Chief

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At a recent forum, members of the community said there are several key qualities that the next Laguna Beach Police Department Chief should have.

Namely, they want someone who is compassionate, can interact well with community members and who understands the small beach town has many unique qualities.

The former Laguna Beach PD Chief retired last month, according to sources within the department, and the City Manager is still working to find the perfect candidate to replace him.

City records show the department has an annual operating budget of more than $14.5 million dollars.  They staff roughly 49 sworn officers, more than four dozen seasonal and volunteer employees and it also employs more than 35 civilian personnel.

The City Manager said he’s committed to working with the City Council to evaluate the best possible fit for the position and will also make sure to get input from the police employees association.

Members of the public said they’d also like to see a new leader who can help ensure officers are not needlessly rude, and who can help strengthen existing bonds between the public and the Laguna Beach Police.


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Laguna Beach PD Chief Announces Retirement

August 13, 2014 Comments Off on Laguna Beach PD Chief Announces Retirement posted by: Bail Expert

A spokesperson for the Laguna Beach Police Department has confirmed that 60 year-old Police Chief Paul Workman will soon be retiring.

The 38-year veteran has been leading the department for the past five years, they said, noting those who have worked alongside him throughout his tenure say he will be missed.

Workman started his career in law enforcement when he became a reserve officer in 1975.  From there, he took a full time position and enrolled in the police academy.

During his time with the LBPD the soon-to-be-retiring Chief worked in a number of different roles including captain and eventually, interim chief.

City officials say he has been a trusted leader who has been very good at his job.  They went onto say his leadership within the Laguna Beach PD will be missed.

The city has not yet said if they have narrowed the candidate pool in terms of hiring a replacement, but they have said the process will be thoughtful.

Read the full story here: Police Chief to Retire

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Laguna Beach PD Cracks Down On Drum Circle

July 23, 2014 Comments Off on Laguna Beach PD Cracks Down On Drum Circle posted by: Bail Expert

The monthly, full moon drum circle has become a popular event in Laguna Beach, but the local police department may have tried to shut the most recent one down due to a predicted large turnout.

A spokesperson for the Laguna Beach Police said they deployed 12 officers, a fire department chef and two park rangers to the parking lots at Aliso Beach about two hours before the drumming was set to start.

Two free parking lots were blocked off, they said, and no one was allowed to enter.  Drummers said this was the first time anything like this has happened in the 12-years the circle has been taking place.

Early predictions indicated nearly 3,000 people had planned on coming out, according to officers, but the final tally, despite the lot closures, capped out at less than a thousand.

Although no one was arrested a spokesperson for the Laguna Beach PD said they did issue 15 citations.  Residents say they’re happy that officers were on hand because drug and alcohol consumption are likely consumed by those who attend the event.

If someone had been charged with drug possession, though, they would have been booked into the local jail where they would have been held until they could arrange for bail bonds.

Read the full story here:  Police suppress popular drum circle

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Laguna Beach PD arrest Logs

June 23, 2014 Comments Off on Laguna Beach PD arrest Logs posted by: Bail Expert

Members of the Laguna Beach Police Department have been quite busy in the past several weeks.  Below are just a few of the incidents they’ve responded to.

On June 9th, officers were called to investigate a theft at a local residence.  The homeowner said she suspected a housekeeper may have stolen up to $800 in merchandise.  If this in in fact the case, the suspect will be booked into the Laguna Beach Jail where she will be held pending bail bonds.

The following day, authorities arrested a man for indecent exposure and outstanding warrants.  He also provided false information to police at the time he was taken into custody, which is a very big no no.

If that man is not bailed out of the local jail he’ll eventually be taken to the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana.  From there, he’ll remain in custody until a friend or family member is able to hire a bondsman or until his case is over.

Read the full story here: Fire forces residents from home

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March 16, 2010 No Comments » posted by: Bail Expert


The Laguna Beach jail is a small jail really can’t hold many arrestees. If defendants are not bailed out of there fast they are typically transferred one of four Orange County jails. Once this happens, booking them in can take hours.  Included in this process is getting an inmate’s information into the jail’s computer system.  But Orange County jails are so busy it’s often a matter of hurry up and wait:  Take the inmate’s photo… wait…. Take the inmate’s fingerprints… wait…. Take a DNA sample… wait some more.  Hours later, he/she will be what’s known as “cleared for bail”.  This means the bondsman can come and post the bond so that the arrestee can be released.

But did you know that there is still more waiting to be done after a defendant has been cleared?  Jails are crowded and, thanks to recent California state budget cuts, they are understaffed by one third of the usual amount of their personnel.  This causes even more delays.  Many people understandably want to be reunited quickly with their friend or loved one.  But the amount of time it takes for this to happen is out of the bail bondsman’s hands.  It often takes several hours more – lately as much as eight, for those cell doors to open and the arrestee to walk through. 

That’s why a good bail agent always suggests that the friends and family of the arrestee wait at home for the arrestee to be released.  The jail provides phones for the arrestee to call you upon their release and they won’t toss them out on the streets, especially if they have physical or mental issues.  In fact, many jails absolutely insist arrestees wait on the premises to be picked up.  If you go to the jail and/or call constantly it will not help the arrestee get out faster.  It may even anger the jailor who will slow down the process. 

So please, hard as it may seem, let the professionals handle this part of the process.  If you want to learn more about jail, bail, and release time, call Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds at 888-224-5266 or (888) BAIL BOND.  We’ll be happy to answer all your questions andextend our services to you.

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