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A representative from the Laguna Beach Police Department has confirmed that both property crime and violent crime rates declined during 2017.

Incidents of violent crime, which include robbery, homicide, assault likely to cause serious injury, and rape fell by 21 percent; this is a stark contrast from 2016, when the city saw an 18 percent jump in these types of crimes.

Incidents of property crime, which include arson, auto theft, burglary and theft, fell by 15 percent during 2017.  LBPD officials believe the drop in property crime is directly linked to increased beach patrol efforts.

The Laguna Beach PD official also noted that while violent crime and property crime rates have fallen, that the city has continued to see upticks in burglary rates.

Officers want to remind all residents and visitors that they should always lock the doors, windows and garages of their homes when they leave.

When someone is arrested for a violent crime, property crime or burglary in Laguna Beach they’ll be taken to the Laguna Beach Jail for booking.

Original article: Violent and property crimes declined in Laguna Beach in 2017, data show

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A spokesperson for the Laguna Beach Police Department has confirmed they arrested a woman during a routine traffic stop after they found “several hundred prescription pills” in her makeup bag.

It all began when officers received reports that a car was seen speeding; when they located the vehicle, they pulled the driver over.  The woman didn’t show any obvious signs of being under the influence, they said, but they suspected something was a bit off.

They asked the woman if they had permission to search her vehicle, and she said yes.

Officers later found several hundred prescription pills, including Xanax, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and others in her makeup bag. They even found meth!

A search of her phone showed she was “involved in prescription pill transactions.”

The suspect was arrested and booked at the Orange County Jail on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance for sale, possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Her bail bonds were set at $25,000.

Original article: Laguna Beach police find hundreds of prescription pills during traffic stop; woman arrested

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A man who has been identified as the prime suspect in a burglary, in which hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry was stolen from the Shops at the Cliffs, has been arrested.

Representatives from the Laguna Beach Police Department say they’ve been investigating the crime since late-July, after they received video surveillance footage that showed “two men in fancy clothing” in the area of the store.

Detectives tracked one of the men to Oceanside; they decided to make their move as soon as they obtained a search warrant.

The suspect tried to escape on foot but he was unsuccessful; he was arrested with the assistance of the Oceanside Police Department.

Investigators have since confirmed that a search of his home uncovered approximately $500,000 in stolen jewelry along with two loaded guns.  It’s speculated the suspect could be linked to other burglaries in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

The suspect, who has been identified as Edward Torrison, is being held at the Orange County Main Jail on $500,000 bail bonds.

Original article: Oceanside man arrested after Laguna Beach police find $500,000 in jewelry, loaded guns

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The Laguna Beach Police Department is putting out an important message: if you drive while you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be arrested.

Five people were arrested during a DUI checkpoint in late-August, police said, and officers plan to keep holding these types of checkpoints throughout the rest of the year.

A spokesperson for the LBPD said that checkpoints are generally set up in locations “that have the greatest opportunity for achieving drunk and drugged deterrence.”

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officials have said that checkpoints are among the most effective strategies in DUI enforcement.

Those who fail to obey the law will be arrested and booked into the Laguna Beach Jail where they may need to post Laguna Beach bail bonds in order to be released from custody. They’ll also face fines, penalties, the possible loss of their driver’s license and increased auto insurance rates.

It’s estimated that the average cost of a DUI arrest is about $15,000.

Original article: Laguna Beach police arrest five in weekend DUI checkpoint

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Laguna Beach Police Department officials have confirmed the LBPD has made the decision to ban pepper spray, ice picks, rocks, lumber, bricks, metal beverage containers and metal pipes from political rallies.

Any protestor who is found to be in possession of one or more of these items will be cited for a misdemeanor, which means the officer will give them a citation that will have a date and time in which they are to appear in court.  If they skip court, the court will issue a failure to appear warrant.

Authorities say the decision to ban these items came in response to an Aug. 20 America First! Rally. At the rally, police said, they observed some protestors carrying items that could be used “as a weapon or to incite violence.”

Police Chief Laura Farinella told the city council that while protestors are permitted to voice their First Amendment rights, they don’t need to arm themselves in order to do it.

Original article: Laguna Beach bans some items from political rallies

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A spokesperson for the Laguna Beach police Department said they’ve arrested a man on suspicion of DUI, and felony hit-and-run, following a mid-January collision.

The incident happened on Jan. 19, according to a report by, after the 21-year-old suspect crashed his car into “a structure and a gas line.”

The crash happened just after 1 a.m., the report notes, but the now-defendant didn’t stick around to talk to the police.  He took off on foot but officers said they took him into custody at his residence, which was located about a block from the crash site.

The man was booked at the Laguna Beach Jail on suspicion of felony DUI.  He’s also being charged with hit-and-run, since he fled the scene of the crime.  His bail bonds were set at $100,000.

It’s unclear if he hired a Laguna Beach bail bonds company to help get him out of jail.

Original article:  Police arrest driver who flees collision

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Representatives from the Laguna Beach Police Department have confirmed that 27-year-old Thomas Richeson has been arrested on suspicion of arson.  Police believe he’s responsible for setting a brush fire in November.

The blaze shut down a portion of Laguna Canyon Road.

According to a report by, Richeson was taken into custody in mid-December; he was booked at the Orange County Jail where he is currently being held on a no-bail bonds hold.

When the court issues a no bail bonds hold, the defendant is not permitted to be released from custody pending trial.

Authorities said they were able to use video footage from an animal shelter to help identify the suspect.  A witness also made a statement, indicating he saw a man running from the area where the fire started.

It’s unclear whether Richeson has a prior history of arrest.

Original article:  Man arrested in Laguna Beach brush fire

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Laguna Beach PD Arrest Alleged Drunk Driver At Checkpoint

June 12, 2016 Comments Off on Laguna Beach PD Arrest Alleged Drunk Driver At Checkpoint posted by: admin

A source within the Laguna Beach Police Department released that two people were detained at a recent DUI checkpoint. Approximately 1,000 motorists drove through the checkpoint throughout its hours of operation, according to a report by the LA Times.

One person was arrested after they chose not to stop, but instead drove through it.  The car was eventually pulled over and the driver was taken into custody.  It was later determined that he was not impaired, but had a mental disability. He was released without needing to post bail bonds and was given a citation for misdemeanor evading.

Another driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, officers said. The name of that motorist was not released to the press.  Most people who are arrested and booked at the Laguna Beach Jail on misdemeanor DUI charges are released from custody on their own recognizance.

Original article: Police pursue driver during DUI checkpoint

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Emergency Bail Bonds In Laguna Beach

May 23, 2016 Comments Off on Emergency Bail Bonds In Laguna Beach posted by: admin

If you’ve learned that someone you know has been arrested and booked at the Laguna Beach Jail, call our office now at 888-224-5266 to speak with someone who can help you with emergency bail bonds.

Our company has years of experience in helping people get out of the Orange County jails fast and we know what needs to be done to get your loved one released from custody as quickly as possible.  Although many people are concerned that the defendant will need to stay behind bars until they see a judge, that’s simply not true.  Most arrestees are able to post bail bonds (or jail bonds) as soon as they are booked into the system.

If you need help getting someone out of jail fast and have questions about how Laguna Beach bail bonds work we can help.  Call us now for a free, no hassle consultation.  Someone is her to help you 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

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Alleged Burglar Booked At Laguna Beach Jail

April 25, 2016 Comments Off on Alleged Burglar Booked At Laguna Beach Jail posted by: admin

A spokesperson for the Laguna Beach Police Department has confirmed that three LA residents have been arrested and booked at the Laguna Beach Jail.

Jail records indicate the suspects are believed to have stolen thousands of dollars worth of clothing from a downtown boutique.

Police say they spotted the burglary as it was happening; one officer saw a woman walking out of the high-end retailer with an armful of clothing.  A second man followed her, police said, adding that his arms were equally full.

The pair tried to make a run for it when they realized they’d been made but the foot chase didn’t last long. Officers said they recovered more than $10,000 worth of stolen goods; a third suspect was also arrested in conjunction with the crime.

Two of the three were arrested and booked at the Laguna Beach Jail on charges of burglary and conspiracy.  The third suspect was identified as a 16 year-old female; notes she was released to a parent.

Original article: Suspects arrested in burglary of designer boutique

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