Getting Laguna Beach Bail Bonds On A Weekend

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Our friend was arrested last night after he got in a fight outside one of the bars.  We want to get him out ASAP but someone told us that we can’t get bail bonds on a weekend.  Is that true? He has work on Sunday and we’re trying to make sure he doesn’t miss his shift.

The good news is that whoever told you that has their facts wrong.  Bail bonds in Laguna Beach can be posted at any time, day or night, weekends and holidays included.  And since the Laguna Beach Jail is one of the smaller facilities in Orange County, the release times tend to be pretty quick. In most cases, defendants are released within 30 minutes of their bail bonds being posted. At this point, you’ll want to reach out to an Orange County bail bonds agent to start the process. The bondsman can help you understand how bail works and what you’ll need to do to help get your friend out of jail fast.

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