Laguna Beach PD Crime Log

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Officers within the LBPD have responded to a number of calls in the past several weeks.  Below are just a few examples of the types of incidents they have responded to.

Earlier this week, Laguna Beach Police Department officials were called out to investigate a theft.  A resident said a golden egg, that was valued at more than $20,000 had been stolen.  There was no mention as to the whereabouts of the goose that may have laid it.

The following day, officers were called and informed of an assault.  The victim said an unknown women who appeared to be in her 40s threw soy milk at her and a friend.  It’s still unclear as to whether the attack was random or if the assailant sought out her targets.

Lastly, LBPD employees were called by someone who had their vehicle broken into.  The passenger window had been smashed, she said, and a wallet containing about $700 had been stolen.

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