Laguna Beach Police Department officials have confirmed the LBPD has made the decision to ban pepper spray, ice picks, rocks, lumber, bricks, metal beverage containers and metal pipes from political rallies.

Any protestor who is found to be in possession of one or more of these items will be cited for a misdemeanor, which means the officer will give them a citation that will have a date and time in which they are to appear in court.  If they skip court, the court will issue a failure to appear warrant.

Authorities say the decision to ban these items came in response to an Aug. 20 America First! Rally. At the rally, police said, they observed some protestors carrying items that could be used “as a weapon or to incite violence.”

Police Chief Laura Farinella told the city council that while protestors are permitted to voice their First Amendment rights, they don’t need to arm themselves in order to do it.

Original article: Laguna Beach bans some items from political rallies

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