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The Laguna Beach jail is a small jail really can’t hold many arrestees. If defendants are not bailed out of there fast they are typically transferred one of four Orange County jails. Once this happens, booking them in can take hours.  Included in this process is getting an inmate’s information into the jail’s computer system.  But Orange County jails are so busy it’s often a matter of hurry up and wait:  Take the inmate’s photo… wait…. Take the inmate’s fingerprints… wait…. Take a DNA sample… wait some more.  Hours later, he/she will be what’s known as “cleared for bail”.  This means the bondsman can come and post the bond so that the arrestee can be released.

But did you know that there is still more waiting to be done after a defendant has been cleared?  Jails are crowded and, thanks to recent California state budget cuts, they are understaffed by one third of the usual amount of their personnel.  This causes even more delays.  Many people understandably want to be reunited quickly with their friend or loved one.  But the amount of time it takes for this to happen is out of the bail bondsman’s hands.  It often takes several hours more – lately as much as eight, for those cell doors to open and the arrestee to walk through. 

That’s why a good bail agent always suggests that the friends and family of the arrestee wait at home for the arrestee to be released.  The jail provides phones for the arrestee to call you upon their release and they won’t toss them out on the streets, especially if they have physical or mental issues.  In fact, many jails absolutely insist arrestees wait on the premises to be picked up.  If you go to the jail and/or call constantly it will not help the arrestee get out faster.  It may even anger the jailor who will slow down the process. 

So please, hard as it may seem, let the professionals handle this part of the process.  If you want to learn more about jail, bail, and release time, call Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds at 888-224-5266 or (888) BAIL BOND.  We’ll be happy to answer all your questions andextend our services to you.

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